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 Gate ordering process    Landline; 780 464-0723 * Text only; 780 974-0728

 GATES CAN BE SHIPPED ANYWHERE! TLGT now has a shipping broker.

1.  Contact TLGT Studios to set up a date and time to view the portfolio

 2.  Choose a design. Deposit of 1/3 will start the process of building it for you. Quotes are good for 30 days. Gate is paid in three installments, unless you want a new custom drawing not in the portfolio.

 a. You can ask for custom drawings.  A small deposit of $200. Is required which will go towards the gate when you choose your design. NOTE*Gates that had custom drawings will cost the same as the ones in the portfolio! This deposit is a token of customer intent and not an actual payment for design. All drawings and copyright remain property of TLGT Studios.

 When you have chosen a design and paid your 1/3 deposit, you will be provided with an image of the design which will be your gate, and yours only. The design will not be used again by TLGT Studios.

 3. You may request the design to be adjusted 1 or 2 times free of charge before it goes into production. Extra fees of $200 per adjustment by client will apply after the complimentary two.

 4.  Second payment upon your approval of the final pattern (2/3) Second third

 5.  Gates are built with 2” square tubing and come with J mount ¾” hinges. They are generally 3/16” to ¼” thick plate and weigh about 150-175 lbs. Pillars are available for order should you wish.

 6.  Third payment 3/3 third is due prior to powder coating. Gate is picked up at the powder coater by yourself, or your choice of installer.

 Custom artistic driveway gates start at 6,000 and can go over 10,000 CDN depending on size and design and if you wish to have matching pillars.

 All prices are plus GST

 Contact TLGT for a complete price list.