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NEW WORK June 2023

The Farm woman for Leduc Stone Barn Park

    Taking the best part of a year including logistics, planning and work time, this stainless steel farm woman and her prize rooster are ready to install. Tentative plans are in place for the install and the unveiling.

    It is cold formed new stainless steel bar stock. The design is based on women's work clothing from 1920 and stories from that time about farm life and what may have been a woman's enterprise of raising chickens to help feed and clothe her family. 

    The piece was built in  six parts. Legs, skirt, torso, head, collar, and chicken. It was done this way to preserve the polished finish and reduce the splatter clean up from welding. The component structure was interesting and made it easy to move around myself. The piece was only assembled in completion in the last hours of work time.

    The farm woman, who may be named Mae, Grace, or Emily, will share the park with the plow man which I made in 2012. The plow man is mild steel as was requested at the time and is different as he is rusty and mounted with a historic single blade plow. The park also features a full-sized historic barn which has no cladding. The barn is 8x8 beams only on a cement pad. In the summer the park is beautifully decorated and carefully tended with a flower garden and hanging baskets.


Frequently Asked Questions

‚ÄčIs each artwork one of a kind?

Yes! You will have the only one.

How long does it take to get my art?

Contacting me to have a  conversation gets things started. The artwork you are looking for may be waiting for you in my inventory. Not all works are on view on my website. When we discuss your commissioned work, I will give you a timeline.

Art is so expensive, can I afford it?

Original art is very comparable to furniture pricing, since it is a kind of furnishing that I call soul furniture. A room without art can look bare and soul less! Since each artwork varies in size, material, and complexity, there is no standard price. However, before I begin work, I will provide you with a SKETCH based on our conversation along with a firm price and time frame. A 1/3 deposit is required to begin work, with the next third at the middle, and the balance due upon completion. If needed, I also offer a layaway plan with a pay to own over several months.

How will it look in my chosen spot?

If you send me a picture of your location, I will sketch or use one of the many apps available an approximation of how it will look.


Over the last 35+ years as an artist sculptress I have been blessed to meet and get to know many wonderful people who have chosen to collect, or commission artwork. Testimonials below!

Artistic solutions for the challenges in your home and garden are our expertise here at TLGT studios. An inventory of paintings and sculpture is available to choose from. Many ideas for Murals, sculpture and gates in metal, lets talk.

Did you know that art is tax deductible in your home office?

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